Friday, 2 October 2009

Iain Dale On Facebook

Incidentally, just in case anyone from the Daily Mail is reading this,
G.O.T. is overtly heterosexual.


subrosa said...

I don't quite get what he says. Can someone translate please?

Houdini said...

Dale is overtly homosexual, not gay which is a word stolen by benders to make themselves feel better. He takes every opportunity to tell people he is homosexual on his blog and in other places. He also uses it as a cloak to justify some of his views...i.e. how can that be when I am gay? Goo dluck to him and fair enough, but don't get all fucking delicate and full of righteous indignation when someone points it out.

And he did make a fairly dishonest appeal to voters to vote for him on the basis of him sucking cock...which I personally don't see as something so endearing that people should make a special effort to vote for him.

This is one situation where policy should win over.

winston smith said...

my what a charming individual ! glad i dnt live in bracknell

the ghost of stuart lubbock said...

horrible oily bastard. are they all like that or what??

.. oh, right ... hum.

mind you, he is gay; that surely counts for something, doesn't it?

.. oh, right ... hum.

spot of arse fisting anyone?

Mac the Knife said...

GOT: Stop flaunting the fact that you're a not-poove. That you like minge is a matter for you and you alone.

And no, I won't be attending your Straight-Pride-Male-Rug-Munchers rally either.

No wonder the country's going to the dogs. I blame that dog. That one. Over there.

Houdini said...

GOT likes minge...the lesbian cunt!

Barking Spider said...


Apparently, according to Dale, the correct term for contacting someone one Facebook is "poking" them! So, Iain's obsession and the word you can't make out is "poking" - what a surprise!