Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bringing The Medical Profession Into Disrepute

The Bansturbators Malignant Arssociation wants to impose more hardship and misery on everyone.
The Filthy Smoker lets rip at them here.

GOT has some family stuff to attend to and may be away for a little while.
The Eye and myself will be keeping his seat warm until he comes back.



13th Spitfire said...

Wow the BMA must have one of the most PC image pictures yet: A Chinese, an Indian, an African, someone else and a white person.

Might as well just put 'New Labour' on it - would be much easier for people to get the message that they are politically correct to the bone.

Anonymous said...

Banning ciggerette adverts in before banning in public places. I can see an all out ban on alcohol before long.

Anonymous said...

BMA should mind its own business.

St Paul said...

The BMA is a Trades Union and like any Trades Union it is infested with self-important opinionated arseholes.
My oldest son is a doctor (Anesthetist) and is a great advocate of explaining probabilities and letting the victim chose. His advice to geriatric me is to stay away from GPs and hospitals and solicitors and Bargain Booze.