Friday, 15 May 2009

Let US Prey

Following a request in the comments over at Guido's, I've given Gordon a halo. It might not be the type of halo that the unelected Prime Minister would enjoy but I think that it rather suits him.

Sorry, couldn't find any piano wire but I hope that rope will do.

Dungeekin has a theory why materials are in short supply!


Dungeekin said...

Wire in general has pretty much sold out since the Telegraph started their revelations.

Along with a number of other products.


Cate Munro said...

Lmao . . .dude fanTASTIC! And I love the Mr Man pics! ;-)

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

He looks a right tit on that photo doesn't he! He's got a neck begging for piano wire...

Snarky Basterd said...

But it's one most of your countrymen and women would agree he deserves.

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said... angelic!..can we fuck him up the arse now?

Unknown said...

Tut tut, is that anyway to talk about our leader, the self righteous, sanctimonious cuntfucker. Hang or piano wire, who the fuck cares, just get the job done...SOON!