Friday, 20 August 2010

Thank Fuck It's Friday [Part 7]

Fucking good job it is Friday and not earlier in the week otherwise I'd have to take the rest of the twatting week off on the bastard sick ... due to serious head banging up the fucking wall injuries. All because of this webshite:

What the fucking fucketty fuck is going the fuck on there.
Talking Muslim Dolls ... that's fucking what. Toys being deliberately marketed at the under five's, brainwashing the poor little fuckers into learning how to bastard well speak mother fucking Islam bollocks! What the hell for!
* bang, bang, bang, bang *

Girl dolls, boy dolls and even jig-twatting-saw-arseing-puzzles all trying to make our kids speak fluent fucking islamic-fucking-ese.
* bang, bang, bang, bang *

Fuck me, they might as well cut the fucking crap, get straight to the point and start marketing the mini muzzie mind altering dolls like this .....

Oh, and while we're at it, don't think there isn't anything on the toy front for those pork free conscious, prick wielding, 9 year old girl shagging, mangey, mohammed minge mongers, ...... who are looking for love.

How about this handy webshite for all your kinky halal humping requirements?
* bang, bang, bang, bang *

Tip of the furry handcuffs to Colin, our Diversity in Education Correspondent, for spotting the muslim talking doll webshite ;-)

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Bring On The Revolution said...

So do these muzzie dolls come complete with a suicide bomb belt as well?? "When I grow up I wanting to be a suicide bomber, but in the meantime I take all your English benefits please, death to the infidel" Talk about fucking multifuckingcultural fucking diversity fucking awareness brainwashing fucking bullshit. What the fucking fuck is this fucking shithole of a third world slum country becoming! So does that mean having white Christian dolls will now be an "Islamophobic hate crime of a criminal offence"?
The sooner all these fucking muzzie cunts are ALL fucking rounded up and exterminated and the treasonous, treacherous collaborating politicians that allow the evil cancer of muzzie colonisation arrested, tried and hanged the fucking better!!

Bunni said...

Who would buy that shit.
I hope your headache goes away, Gotty!
Take it easy and enjoy the weekend.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

"<span>So do these muzzie dolls come complete with a suicide bomb belt as well??"</span>
Bollocks! I missed a trick there didn't I. You'll have to put it down to having a bad week. I'll try harder next time ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Hey Bunnikins, the head is easing off a little now .... I think it was that 2 bottles of special 'medication' that I had.
Have a great weekend yourself and I hope it's getting a little cooler for you there, now ;)

Dioclese said...

Un fucking believable!
If I didn't know better, I'd think you'd faked up that website!!
It really is time to stick the Full sign up on the country before we end up like Holland - where there are more people emigrating than immigrating. I thought about Canada or Australia but these days they are overrun with fucking asians just like us.

microdave said...

There must be an opportunity for some enterprising hackers to "alter" the spoken word...

And I notice that Farzana Rahman doesn't seem too happy about giving a contact address - "enquiries by email" and a mobile number, that's all. Are there any regulations about running online sales without any published address?

AnthonyS said...

Holland have got Geert Wilders on the case with these towel-heads. They've called him racist and all the other daft words the PC brigade come out with but they've not blown him up/shot him yet so he must be doing something right. Releasing the video Fitna must have really pissed off these pig-hating nutters too.

Another thing, even if you just let one family of these vermin into the country, then they start interbreeding. They don't give a fuck who they fuck as long it's one of their own. No wonder they are clogging up the hospitals over here in the UK with their inbred metabolic diseases.

AnthonyS said...

If you are partial to a bit of muzzie bashing then I heartily recommend Pat Condell. Worth watching a few of his videos on Islam:

His YouTube channel:

His feedback section shows these towel-heads in their true light too:

GrumpyOldTwat said...

It's definitely a genuine site and so is my fucking outrage!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Nicely spotted MD, wouldn't it be a shame if the site had to close due to 'irregularities'.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Pat is fairly well known to a lot of us already but it never does any harm to keep introducing his excellent views to those who have not come across him as yet. They ought to put him in charge of immigration, that'd shake the fuckers up a bit, eh ;)

The Grim Reaper said...

Keeping up the Dragon's Den style of thinking which seems to have taken over my head for today...

This is not a product I can invest in, so I'm out.

Bring On The Revolution said...

Love your reply G.O.T!!! Next doll's and wendy houses will be banned and replaced by toy mosques and to complete this diversity awareness fucking bollocks children will also be forced to have Irish traveller pikey toy sets complete with corgi toy Transits and caravans "Tarmac yer drive sir" Oh and I suppose we'll no longer be allowed to buy action man toys, they'll be replaced by a Mr Taliban toy complete with motorbike and AK47! Chemistry sets would also be adapted to teach youngsters how to make bombs!
Just how bad does this country have to fucking get before the indigenous white population finally wakes up and sees the what the evil cancer of Islamification really is!
This is the result of years of brainwashing by the ruling leftie Labour (Blue Labour cons and lib dumbs too)/BBC/ Gaurdianista establishment and ramming this multi-fucking-cultural diversity awareness fucking bullshit down our throats and their brutal suppression of free speech, any one who dares say the truth about that Islam is an evil cancer is demonised as a terrible racist guilty of terrible "Hate crimes" Also the entire education system from top to bottom is utterly infested with these diversity awareness do-gooder muzzie loving Gaurdianista cunts!
I say fuck the fucking lot of 'em and is about time we took OUR country back, the only good muzzie is a fucking dead muzzie!!!!

ArtCo said...

Whats fucking next , kiddy rubber dolls.
 Heres Aisha 3 lifelike holes , no hair and no tits, comes with realistic braids. The Peado loving cunts.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

<span>Irish traveller pikey toy sets complete with corgi toy Transits and caravans "Tarmac yer drive sir"</span>
PMSL ;) but don't get me started on that bunch of incestuous, rob dogging, shitstains.

Bring On The Revolution said...

I know which dragon would invest though.... James Khan, the muzzie Paki cunt of course!!!!

Bring On The Revolution said...

So that's what these super rats found in Bradford this week really are, baby fucking pakis of course!!!

Gildas said...

What about My Little Fatwah?  ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was already such a thing, out there somewhere. Fucked if I'm googling for it though. Anything to do with filthy paedo scumbags, turns my stomach.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Steady on Gildas .... don't give them anymore ideas. LoL ;)

ArtCo said...

On a lighter note
A fucking niquab could have come in handy with some of the cunts ive shagged.

AnthonyS said...

What about Mr. Jihad?  8-)

AnthonyS said...

A friend sent this poem to me yesterday... hat tip to Bob ;) :


I come to England poor and broke,
Go on Dole, see labour bloke,
Fill in forms, have lots of chatters,
Kind man give me lots of Ackers.

I thank him much and then he say,
Come next week and get more money,
You come here we make you wealthy,
Doctor to he make you healthy.

Six months on dole get plenty money,
Good ‘Pal’ meat to fill my tummy,
Send for friends in Pakistan,
Tell them come as quick as can,

Plenty of us on the dole,
Lovely suit and big bank roll,
National assistance is a boom,
All the dark men on it soon.

They come here in rags and tatters,
Go down dole and get some Akers,
They come with me, we live together,
One thing bad-the bloody weather.

One day white man come inside,
Ask me if I wash in ‘tide’,
I said “Yes we was in tide”,
Too damn cold to wash outside,

All get nicely settled down,
Fine big house in busy town,
Fourteen families living up,
Fourteen families living down.

All are paying nice big rent,
More in garden live in tent,
Soon I send for wife and kids,
They not have to live in digs.

Six months later big bank roll,
Still go labour draw more dole,
Wife want glasses, teeth and pills,
They are free we get no bills.

White man good he pay all year,
To keep the national assistance here,
Bless all the white men big and small,
For paying tax to keep us here.

We think England damn good place,
Too damn good for white mans race,
If he not like coloured man,
Plenty room in Pakistan!

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Love it !

GrumpyOldTwat said...

I always made do with a hessian sack ;)

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Well .... that says it all really!