Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Gordon Brown Thief In Chief

Ok, so Sir Thomas Legg has sent letters out to some of the thieving bastards that have been helping themselves to the taxpayers' cash. Now, whatever you or I think about whether it's too little too late or we'd be better off having a General Election, to 'clear out' all the crooked cash cowing cunts, something has struck me about those letters.

So far, not one of the thieving bastards from the Cabinet, or the Shadow Cabinet for that matter, has come anywhere near the £12,415.10p repayment figure that Gordon Brown has officially stolen from the taxpayer.

That's fucking right!

The half eyed, unelected, prime-fucking-mentalist of this country appears, officially, to be Parliament's Thief-in-Chief. Head Hypocrite to the House of Commons. Duke Duplicity of Downing Street.

Gordon Brown has let us down. Yet again.

A man of questionable judgement, poor moral fibre and an inability to conduct himself beyond reproach. A man who has totally lost control.

That will be HIS legacy.


Captain Haddock said...

The useless wanker can't even control his own bladder (if stories in the press are to be believed) .. what chance did the Country ever have ??

banned said...

If he spent so much of our money on cleaning stuff how come he's such a dirty fucker ?

Captain Haddock said...

Quite so "Banned" ..

I thought these God-bothering types (of which he must be one, as he constantly harps on about his connections with the church) .. placed Godliness alongside Cleanliness ..

Or is it yet another example of "Do as I say, not as I do" ? ..

Along with being a dirty, minging bastard .. he also seems to have conveniently forgotten .. "Thou shall't not steal" .. and "Thou shall't not bear false witness" ..

Lauren Simcock said...

He says if the fuckers don't pay up,he'll CONSIDER action.CONSIDER!! Can he EVER give a definative answer to ANYTHING? Just tell us,once and for all,they'll be hanging from their balls by christmas if they don't get their greedy little hands in their pockets.I think this questioning of repayments by MP's has just enflamed the situation further.It's not like they're fucking skint is it? Wouldn't you think,knowing the depth of public anger,they'd want to lay this to rest,if only for their own political careers? Far too simple tho.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the cunts who are reporting it aswell. It would seem every twats on the rob from every other twat

Captain Haddock said...

The thing is Ansel that most of the worst offenders, including McSnot have no political careers to consider .. after the GE, they'll be unemployed & they know it ..

What they seek now is to continue milking the system until their grubby little hands are torn from the levers of power .. and having set themselves up nicely at our expense will blunder off & have a nice life ..

They couldn't care less what we, the public think .. because they've made sure the "system" will always protect and reward them and ignore us ..

The average citizen reads about their criminal antics over breakfast, tuts & gripes about it .. then turns to the Sports page or Gossip columns ..

And unless and until, someone is prepared to do something positive to counter their criminality .. things won't change ..

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

For years, putting things down as ‘cleaning’ has been the way to account for expenditure without a normal cost code or to hide dodgy expenses. Mostly it was for items such as liquid lunches, lost receipts or petty theft. But I suppose in the case of the snot goblin they didn’t have a legit cost code for oversize nappies, rocking horses and his other paraphilia items.

Anonymous said...

"Gordon Brown has let us down. Yet again."

This sounds like the desperate wail of the headteacher who hears that the naughtiest boy in the school has, once again, been caught shoving his willy through the school fence.

Really. It's so pathetic and so predictable, now, that it is funny. I only half-mind that the fucker has totally sunk the country because his serial fuck-ups have become a kind of comedy show: it's not much of a consolation, but it is something.

English Conservatives said...

His moral compass has obviously been affected by the particularly strong solar radiation we've been experiencing recently.

Unknown said...

I was struck by this fact as well.

The cunt's got Downing St, Chequers etc. What the fuck were we taxpayers paying for to be 'cleaned' in addition to these?

Was it his 'arse banditry' lovenest, away from Sarah's prying, but disinterested, eyes?

Bring On The Revolution said...

Get rid of these thieving corrupt Fuckers!

Captain Haddock said...

Problem is .. they're all as bad as one another .. They now even have the gross "front" to be discussing Cross-Party "Fighting Funds" ..

So, they'll put aside their political & idealogical differences .. to mount a campaign to fight anyone who has the temerity to question or attempt to right the wrongs which they perceive as being their God-given "rights"..

There isn't a single one of them for whom I'd cross the road to piss on, if I saw them ablaze in the gutter ..

Lauren Simcock said...

As Hawkwind once sang...'Time we (they) left this world today'

Lauren Simcock said...

An ex-Cabinet minister who was sent a letter by Sir Thomas, raged: “He’s damning us all as f***ing criminals.”
......if the cap fits.....

Anonymous said...

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