Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fuck Me! The G.O.N.T. Is Back!

It's been along time since we have seen the G.O.N.T.

Those of you who have been unfortunate enough to have followed this blog from the earlier days, will know exactly what is about to happen. Those of you who may be thinking 'what the fuck' is this all about will find the first episode of it here.

This was followed by Pour Yourself a Scotch and Tell Your Bird to Shut It and We're All Crazy Now. Subsequent outbreaks can be found here, here and fuck me, here as well.

First of all, with a hat tip to Banned for the suggestion . . . .
What the fuck happened to Limahl from Kajagoogoo?

And how about a quick gander at a compilation of 'Pussy Moments' that I have gathered together from 'Are You Being Served'?

Oh yes, classic nostalgia indeed . . .


microdave said...

Thanks for the wonderful reminders - I remember all of them. At least it took my mind off the dreadful state of the country for a few minutes.

subrosa said...

I now hold you responsible for my hangover in the morning.

banned said...

Some favs from my Youtube " Old TV Stuff Playlist " from a total of about 95.

GONT Montage

Yes Minister, How's the Environment ?

I Clavdivs, gay porn


Jump !

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a bit of 80's nostalgia to take the mind of all the bollocks and an occasional laugh is a must otherwise we'd all go fucking mad!

Sorry about the hangover but something tells me that you probably enjoyed the run up to it, somewhere along the line ;-)

More great links as always Banned.
Classic stuff, thanks.

Heads on poles said...

I've been hiding in the 70's for years and yes, I really do find watching Life on Mars comforting with its simplicity.
What a thing for a government to do - make the world so bad that the electorate pine for the old days where the miners ran the country.
what a pi$$ poor situation.

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to micheal bentines potty time and the clangers?
limb all was a an adam ant band wagon jumper!

Amusing Bunni said...

Fun Stuff, GOT, very entertaining, and thanks for the Laughs!

BRICKBAT said...

Fucking great !
What a funny people we are !
When theres a story to tell with a punch line and the humour of idiots WE FUCKING GOT IT and aint it great!
I would not swap my childhood for the earth!