Sunday, 5 July 2009

Next Unelected PM?

Depending on what Lord FondleBum of Boys decides, the next Prime Minister could well be Alan Johnson. I don't know if he eats his own snot or even if he pisses his own pants but he will certainly be unelected, two faced and incompetent.

Not much change there then.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting the feeling it's the cabinets way of saying that Jonah is yesterdays news.

Johnson's in a strong position to take the leadership of the Labour party, but realistically after a general election.

banned said...

And this is the twat they are trying to promote as the " nice face " of New Labour.
They ( well He really, 'Lord' Handelbum ) really thinks even his core supporters will be taken in by a few temporary U-turns accompanied by a couple of naked appeals to Old Labour dinosaur relicts ?

C'mon Dave, Kick their cunts in, give us a Euro Referendum.

Tory Poppins said...

He's all of those things, but there again so's most of the Labour cabinet. (And I bet he does eat his own bogies and piss his pants, just like his boss - it's part of the Labour selection criteria - the pikier the better! ;-))

Gigits said...

I really dislike AJ - he has the Prescott faux working class aura about him. He was a postman, which in no way makes him suitable for running a country. I wouldn't trust him with a paper round.