Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bob Ainsworth Busting A Gut

Apparently Bob Ainsworth, the wig wearing, tight arsed, spineless twat of a Defence Secretary, has announced today that he is busting a gut for the troops in Afghanistan.

Yeah right.

Promises, promises.


Anonymous said...

I would prefer that he ended up actually busting his gut in the picture. Asshole!

Houdini said...

Apart from anything else, why is he busting a gut if like that cunt Brown says there are enough helicopters?

One of the cunts is lying, or maybe both?

Gigits said...

He's certainly got a big enough gut to bust. The useless cunt.

Many do-gooder, New Labour bastards would say that that picture is needlessly graphic and offensive.

Well, twats, that's how many of our lads are ending up whilst fighting this Govt's dirty little war. So, fuck off!

Lawson Narse said...

Was it a suicide fuck?

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thought Houdini.
It was only a few days ago when bullshitter Bob and gob shite Gordon were telling us we don't need more helicopters. And now this.

They're nothing but a pair of lying cunts.

But nowhere near as morally offensive as arsewipe Ainsworth's treatment of 'our heroes', eh mate ;-)

Nice one. Would make a change for the wiggy wearing wanker to fuck himself in the Ainsworth arse instead of shafting our troops with his lack of genuine support!

banned said...

Fuck me, that'a better than the Trotsky Treatment, he just got his head stoved in with an ice-pick.

Barking Spider said...

Whoever's gut he's busting, I'm sure it won't be his own! Nice picture of the cunt.