Saturday, 18 July 2009




banned said...

Looking forward to the Mail comments on this one, getting ready to tick those green arrows !

Powell predicted that "enire parts of cities and entire towns would come under the sway of migrants" and how was he wrong ?

Enoch Powell, so-clled rivers of blood spech with overvoice analysis.

50,000 pa, is he joking, how many 100,000s these days ? I have never forgiven the Tories for trying, but failing, to silence him in Parliament.

Sue said...

Free speech, dead and gone! Unless your opinion agrees with big brother's, you are not allowed one.

microdave said...

"A spokesman for the BBC said that the corporation had received 25 complaints by Friday"

I wonder how many votes of support they received - not that they would admit it even if they had...

Anonymous said...

The comments are in line with this post. tick, tick!

Old Codger said...

Always did consider Enoch was right

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent link

Now ain't that the truth.

Yes, funny how we don't hear about how many support Sarah. BBC bias strikes again eh.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Remember your list of them, keep it up to date. They keep a red/blue of you.

When all has gone bang and the lights have gone out. When you are shivering, trying to keep life's fragile flame still fickering. When your loved ones are still around you.

One of them will come tap tap tapping at your door claiming to be a victim just like you.

As you catch their eye watching you and thinking how they are going to cut your throat.

Remember there is now no more LPP otherwise they would not be there with you in your destitution.

Make sure you stare into their eyes as the breath their last.

Heads up.

banned said...

Daily Mail comments Sunday, 2pm.

1) "Well Sarah you have got my backing all the way, a great radio show long may it continue. Keep up the good work - God bless you.
- ellie may, London
Rating +1717

2) "This woman is more than a bit crazy surely"
- VA, London,
Rating ( minus -1796 ) < red ink here <.

3 ) "Why should the BBC (who should be NON political) speak to Sarah Kennedy about him being the best Prim Minister we never had."
- Brian, Blandford,
Rating +1701

4 ) "as usual the P.C. brigade at it again. Free speech has censorship for those who voice an opinion"
- richard heritage, St. leonards on sea,
Rating +1909

Feeling a little left out #2, VA of London ?

Anonymous said...

NIce one Banned.
Yeah, VA should have a nice big persecution complex by now! Dare I consider the thought he/she is perhaps an immigrant?