Monday, 13 July 2009

Babies to be given Gordon Tamiflu Dummies

Tamiflu for Babies


Goodnight Vienna said...

That's disgusting - well done!

Window Licker said...

I'm amazed the tax payer hasn't yet been asked to make a contribution in these times of need. Probably a prescription charge or something unless you're an MP as they'll get it free. They need to be fit to serve the country. Thieving bastards

G.O.T. said...

Outstanding Lorenzo and in wonderfully bad taste.
Love it!

Incidentally, I bet Gordon is secretly quite excited about so many people symbolically sucking his dick. The dirty fucking pervert!

VotR said...

With the porn that the NHS are brainwashing schoolchildren with, I wouldn't be surprised if that dummy was sold in Mothercare one day.

Catosays said...

To quote a well known Polish plumber....'Fucking horrible bastard'

"Not you Lorenzo", he added hastily.

Anonymous said...

You ought to know there is stil a problem loading your web site with Internet Explorer 8. I have no problems with another computer still using IE7.

Keep up the good work,
best regards, CDC

G.O.T. said...

Thanks for that CDC

I've had a couple of people tell me this and, because I am no teccy, I've asked around and have been told it's some sort of compatibility problem with Blogger(?). However, other people seem to get around it by copy and pasting the link directly into the 'address bar', to access the blog, rather than clicking on any link. Not sure why this makes a difference but apparently it can solve the issue.

Hope that helps and thanks for your kind words ;-)

BTW, if anyone else reading this has any advice then please leave a comment or email me.

banned said...

Ha ! That explains it. When visiting my multi-GP Medical Centre last week I noticed that a Swine Flu Quarantine Area had been established to keep the rest of us safe.
it comprised the toddlers play area and the cordon sanitaire was the little plastic barrier designed to stop the kiddies from wandering around the surgery. Presumably these Gordo Suckies will be left lying around for Pig-Plague patients to poison themselves with.

Being a lazy kind of guy I'm still with IE7 and intend to stay that way.

try firefox said...

banned @ 14th July 00.44
I would recommend that you get the firefox browser from mozilla. It only takes 5 minutes to download and get working. IE7 is full of holes and open to attack from hackers. IE8 isn't much better with regular patches being required to keep it protected. I'm not sure why people stick with internet explorer when there are better, safer browsers available. With loads of extra functions available aswell.