Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Translator Required

Can't be arsed with much on here tonight,
too busy fucking around with this shit.

In the meantime, has anybody got a fucking clue
what the fuck this twat is saying?


Gigits said...

It's just noise. Scottish noise.

IsACunt is fucking brilliant mate! Keep up the good work over there.

Houdini said...

And he chews on any cock that wears a red rosette. This cunt has never since his teens been a working man, but he still thinks he is, with his mulyi-millions, various mansions, string of race horses etc. etc.


banned said...

Ze serum , it is vorking, nein ?

Barking Spider said...

Some shite about supporting Labour as follows:-

"I'm a Labour supporter because their history is about looking after the issues and addressing the issues which are important to our Country - you think about National Health, our education, all these issues. That's why you should join the Labour Supporters' Network".

By George I've got it!

Barking Spider said...

That was not fucking easy - watching Rab C. on the telly for all those years finally paid off!

G.O.T. said...

NIce one Barking, you've got the job but now I know what he's saying you can add deluded to the list of his 'twat qualities'.

As Houdini inferred, working class? Yeah right. That twat wouldn't know working class, these days, if it jumped up and twatted him in his walnut brain with Cuntona's boot.

Btw, that Cuntona cunt is an overrated cunt.

Barking Spider said...

Even when you know what he's saying it's still shite! What does he actually say - "looking after", "addressing", how? So it's - 'join the Labour Supporters Network because I say so' - empty-headed, lifetime-indoctrinated bollocks!

Do you think the football team can understand a fucking word he says?