Tuesday, 14 July 2009

+++ Sarah Brown Lesbian Shock +++

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Fidothedog said...

Did you see her twittering shyte about veal? How can she object to that, she has had Gordon's tool in her mouth for fucks sake?!

Gigits said...

Fido, that made me snigger like a schoolboy!

Brill stuff, GOT and a great post over at Dark L.

banned said...

I reckon she's faking being a Lezzer, it's all just part of raising her Meija profile in the hopes of doing a Hilary and contesting the leadership of the desiccated skanky husk of the Labour Party when Brown gets the message and tops himself.

Oi Saz, Handy hint for Gordon >
How to commit suicide: discussion and guide by Extreme River

subrosa said...

Jeez, is it any wonder she'd decided to have a go at another sexuality?

After all just looking at Gordon and Mandy would be enough for me to go off men too.