Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Stupid Boy!

Captain Gordon 'McSnot' Brown is in his bunker again.

"Don't Panic, don't panic!" says Jonsey.

"DO PANIC, DO PANIC!", say I, fuck me do we need to panic!
We are all doomed, fucked by Captain Brown and his battalion of brainless dickwads together with his equally indefensible strategies, old has beens and young, arrogant arsewipes.

Who do they think they are kidding?
Not me, that's for fucking sure.

Firing squad anyone?

image by Lorenzo


Anonymous said...

Duds Army

banned said...

ARW Mandelson " Put that bloody light out ! The plebs might see what we are up to "

Anonymous said...

The levels of cunting are reaching epic proportions. Send these fuckwits to Yemen for cleansing.

Anonymous said...

"Duds Army"


Old Bag said...

hmmm..how about bringing our troops home from afghanastan and sending gordoom and his nazicunts out to replace them?

Anonymous said...

Great idea OB.

Someone close to me has been out there for a few months now and I thought that on his return he could pop a couple of spare rounds between pissy pants, one false/one real, eyes!