Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bob Ainsworth, Great Bloke!

I recently read an article at the Times Online which was basically telling us that Bob Ainsworth was Gordon Brown's third choice for the position of Minister of Defence.

So what you might ask?

The point is that towards the end of the article was an absolutely astonishing quote. I had to read it four fucking times before I was sure that the quote was definitely in relation to the attributes of Bob Ainsworth.

"Bob is liked by the military,” a friend said. “They like his toughness. They like his occasional laddishness.”

Who the fuck was this 'friend', that's what I'd like to know.

It must have been some deaf, blind, mute fucker who has never met, seen or heard the two faced, wig wearing, spineless twat and had to relay his quote via some specially trained mind reading, typing seal or other that his 'friend' had just met on fucking Facebook.

Un-ber-fucking-lievable quote of the fucking day, if you ask me.

Or does anyone disagree?


Gigits said...

They 'like' him alright. They'd 'like' to kick the shit out of him.

Love that pic - in fact, I'm going to nick it :-)

banned said...

Bob Arsewipe managed to carry the media with him being Forces Savy and Friendly for about 2 days before the spin span down to reveal him for the rancid turd labour placeman that he is.

Lawson Narse said...

I had a "friend" like that once. I was three yrs old when I realised I'd made him up. The Times appears to be going through some kind of weird mid life crisis. Do newspapers suffer from the menopause?

David Vance said...

Great comments - lol!