Friday, 5 June 2009

No Change There Then

Whilst our attention is being occupied by the comings and goings at Downing Street (more about that from me later) and the results of the local elections, Gordon Brown has obviously decided that this is a good day for burying bad news.


Gigits said...

Well, we never really expected justice, did we?

The troughing bastards!

Anonymous said...

Local Election Labour wipeout and 3/4/5/6+> ministers quitting, I hope that you are happier now you Grumpy Old Git, I know I am !

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, I'm over the fucking moon that the world of Gordon has finally gone into freefall. I just wish he'd do the decent thing now and fuck the fuck off.

btw, so glad that I've finally realised who you are and that you're still out and about in the blogosphere!

Old Bag said...

i have 47p and 3 luncheon you think that will be enough to hire a hitman to take that cycloptic cunt out?