Saturday, 27 June 2009

My Contribution To Global Warming

Gordon is at it again.
Throwing shit loads of money, that we don't fucking have, at some Global problem or other in a pathetic effort to appear statesman-like on the World stage.

This time its Global warming or climate control or whatever else 'they' are calling it this week. It's all total bollocks anyway and a complete fucking con if you ask me.

So, in a nut shell, Gordon Brown is making a bid to lead the World in Global warming by launching a ground breaking initiative (not my fucking choice of words) to set up a £60 billon rescue fund.

Yes that's right. 60 fucking billion pounds!

Where the fuck is he going to get that from then?

I have a much better suggestion, Mr Gordon 'Global' Brown.
Stand still while I throw a can of petrol over you and chuck a lighted Zippo in your direction

Now that's what I call making a useful contribution to Global warning!

Image by Lorenzo


Lawson Narse said...

He's getting evermore delusional. It would be a kindness to help him and end our misery.

Anonymous said...

Gordon's made so many guest promotional appearances on my blog, I can't even get a post in sideways, and now he thinks he's got TALENT doh!

banned said...

£60Billion, 'where the fuck is that coming from ? ' was my thought too as my eyes glazed over that article.
What a deluded wanker, Inspirational pic from Lorenzo, boy will go far.

Gigits said...

Brown really should consider self-immolation as a very decent career move.

He is less than useful as a functioning (barely) human being.

Old Bag said...

gordoom should consider hanging his fucking self!

Global McDeath said...

It will be the Contaminated Vaccine for you lot this winter whenn I bring in ENFORED VACCINATIONS.

Criminal charges