Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Weather Forecasting Fucktard

Am I alone in thinking that some TV weather forecasters just make the whole thing up as they go along?

For fuck's sake all I want to know is what the temperature is going to be tomorrow and is it going to rain or not and with all the latest high tech meteorological software available, what could be a simpler question than that?

Fuck me, I think Francis Wilson on Sky News
is still using a piece of seaweed!


Lawson Narse said...

Many years ago I was called out to the Met Office during a near blizzard.

On arrival, the carpark was under 3-4 feet of snow and I struggled across it carrying my kit. I was met in reception by a fairly senior meteoroligist and do you know what he said?

He fucking asked me what the fucking weather was like the fucking twat.

Seaweed? They can't even be bothered to look out the sodding window.

Gigits said...

They always say a 50% chance of showers.

They ain't got a bastard clue the cunts!

Shibby said...

It's the new horoscope.

I just hope you're not planning a day at the beach if you're Aries.

banned said...

I am better than the Met Office at daily weather forcasts
" Might Rain, Probably Won't " usually does the trick.

Having just installed the 'BIGGEST COMPUTER IN EUROPE' the Met Office are now lobbying for the next one and they will probably get it because they are the leading bolloxers in the Climate Change bollox.

Barking Spider said...

This guy always sounds like he just got out of bed and can't be bothered.

Anonymous said...

When compared to, Polaris, Apollo Moon Shot, Gordon Brown's National Debt or all world banking debts, then all the people and companies involved in weather forcasting pale any of these projects into total insignificance with the utter futile waste of resources that these cloud baffoons make under their false pretenses of earning an honest living.

Anonymous said...

Forget it man, I just look out the window or stand outside and judge it. Works every time! ;)

sun worshiper said...

that nutter ulrika jonstone was a weather girl,says it all.

they could not predicy a winner at ascot in a one horse race.

Old Bag said...

just look out the fucking window!..if that wet stuff is falling from above, then its raining!..if that evil fucking bright thing is out, its sunny!...simples!..even gordoom could get that right! maybe.