Monday, 29 June 2009

Heatwave! Ice Cream Anyone?

"I'm Mandy lick me!"
Go on Gordon, you know you want to . . . . again.

Image by Lawson


Anonymous said...

Shamon muthafukka!

I had my own ice cream truck one time. The little kiddies loved to lick my popsicle.

Heee Heeee.

Old Bag said...

i dont want to know what "sauce" is going on top of that ice cream (shudders)

Anonymous said...

Brown Sauce!

Good to see you back OB, thought you may have had some bad luck, like TheEye!

Old Bag said... still here being a miserable old cunt..just been a unwell miserable old cunt!..whats happenned to the eye deary?

banned said...

New Law needed, no adults near ice cream vans in case they run over the kiddies or smash their faces in.