Sunday, 21 June 2009

G.O.T. Needs Your Help

YouTube have 'taken down' the video I posted 2 days ago due to some fucktard of a 'freedom of speech fucker' or other requesting to have it removed. What could possibly be offensive about it, for fuck's sake, all I'm doing is telling it how it really is and if the righteous freedom fucking fuckwits find that the truth hurts sometimes then too fucking bad.

After all, it appeared to be highly popular. The last time I checked it was in the top 5 videos on YouTube in the news and politics category.

I'm fucked if I'm going to be jerked around and have my right to freedom of speech curtailed by the two unelected man munchers, and their sycophantic arsewipes, that run this Country. More importantly why should the majority of people, who understandably think the same as me, be denied the freedom of choice to watch what they want, when they want?

So, here's the video once again available to be viewed by anyone who wishes to view it . . . .

Furthermore I would be very grateful if as many of you as possible, who have already been good enough to link to the original video, would re-link to this reposted one. Hopefully this will mean that the blogosphere's right to freedom of speech can be maintained.

Please spread the word, it's a matter of principle!

We must not let the establishment, including the MSM, get yet another foothold into stifling the anonymous blogger's right to freedom of speech, after all, if people weren't interested in what we had to say then they wouldn't visit us in their thousands. Would they?

It would be far too easy for me to shut down this blog and start up again somewhere else but why the fuck should I. As I said it's a matter of principle.

WE must not let them win.

++++ Update ++++

The original mp4 video is now available to download here.


Lawson Narse said...

Done. I had a vid taken off my blog by Google last month, courtesy of the
Empire of Evil.

Double Fuck to the lot of them.

Goodnight Vienna said...


Anonymous said...

GOT, can you give me the code. Sorry, I'm not very good at this and I'll add it to facebook as well. Cheers me dears :)

Reece Hewitt said...

Can the video be added via other you tube accounts?

Gigits said...

Don't let the bastards grind you down, GOT, my friend.

The 'Fuck You' and 'Gordon Brown Does You Tube' videos need to be watched as many times as possible. Just get them onto a not so nonce like site (as you have done).

Both these videos make me laugh even after repeated viewings!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your help.

I guess it could be uploaded to someone else's account but I can't risk anything linked to me as I've been told my whole account will be deleted if i 'offend' again. At the moment I still have 8 or 9 vids still running, inc yesterday's new one although for how long I don't know.

I'm not too hot on this code shit but I can supply the Blogger code via email if you need it. Can't put it here as it contains tags, which this comments system keeps rejecting FFS!

Please email me, at the address on the blog, if you need it or anything else.


North Northwester said...

I'll bite.

Bring the rain.

banned said...

Likewise, dunno how to repost blogger vids, I can download them as .flv files but they are a bit rubbish really.
Is there any appeal system at Youtube when some cunt flags ur vids for no good reason ?

Fausty said...

Try DailyMotion, GOT.

Barking Spider said...

I've downloaded it from your site,GOT and then I reposted it with blogger.The quality is okay but it isn't as good as the embed code version. I'll email you as you suggested to CB - we can't let the fuckers win!

Fidothedog said...

Agree with Fausty,I got me a dailymotion and seem happy enough with posting stuff calling Gordon a cunt.

Anonymous said...

This might have been taken down because of a copyright issue. You used a record by Lily Allen on there. Chances are that someone from EMI, or someone working on their behalf, noticed you were using one of their records on your video and weren't terribly happy for their music to be used in that way.

People in the music industry do tend to get extremely agitated when their music is used for political purposes.

For example, when French President Nicolas Sarkozy's political party used the MGMT song "Kids" was used on several occasions without permission, MGMT threatened to sue. In the end, it was resolved out of court, but they were extremely unhappy to have their music used for political reasons.

Just one theory...

Adrian P said...

download the vid at, plus any other Gooduns

Burn em to disk and hand em out, they cant shut that down.

Henry North London said...

Downloaded and reposted....

Anonymous said...

Thanks again.

The video can now be directly downloaded from here

This will give you an mp4 file of original quality.

I'll also look into the Daily Motion suggestion and repost there too.

I thought about the copyright issue too but the original 'Fuck You' video is still available to view on YouTube and it uses the same Lily Allen music.

Maybe it just hasn't been spotted yet?

Tory Poppins said...

What the fuck?
Oh my God! Smacks of Dorries-Gate! Anyway - will post and link loud and proud my friend ;-)

Sue said...

Posted on my blog!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I've updated my original post with a link directly to here, so any readers can get the full story.

What a bunch of wankers YouTube are.


Dazed and Confused said...

I didn't much believe this until I sampled the joys of you tube for myself, but this is precisely what the far left are employed to do, under the guise of publicly funded quangos.

I.E. Go around "Flagging" any anti governmental videos, so that those loyal to New Labour, can come along later and attempt to have them either censored or banned.

Seems that they do it on Facebook Too Same people - Same M.O.
Why are we being dictated too by the far left on the Internet? and which of us voted to give them any sort of power? - Although come to think of it who voted for this current government?

Warsteiner said...

Thanks for reposting it back up - all the people I emailed have been updated (It's TOO good to lose).

I believe Liveleak are OK with videos that Youtube don't like.

BTW I had a similar problem with an animated GIF on Photobucket - it was of Ed Balls morphing into Hitler - it was deleted and I got a warning - twats.

Anonymous said...

We should all blog it on the first of every month. I'm gonna email all hotmail friends too.

I see Reece has stuck a link up on facebook

If anyone knows how to upload the video on there, that would really help.

Barking Spider said...

Just posted Fido's Daily Motion version and I'm going to re-post the Blogger version (with the code above). I will also leave the You Tube removed version to make the point clear!

Anonymous said...

Ok, we got the video onto our facebook group and I've copied it on my blog... :)

Old Bag said...

done and done, GOT deary! so sick of these fucking nanny state do gooding cunts!..why cant they just fuck the fuck off the utter weapons grade cunts?..and youboob can fuck the fuck off too!..ive seen far worse things on there and it doesnt get pulled!..they are wankers. they can all FUCK THE FUCK OFF!

banned said...

Done, ta for the D/L link.