Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hazel Must Go!

Tonight (Thursday) Hazel Blears faces a vote of no confidence from branches of Salford’s Labour Party.

They have to decide whether the blatant timing of her resignation from the Cabinet harmed the party’s vote at the Euro elections allowing the BNP to sneak in and get a North West seat…they have to decide whether the knife in Gordon Brown’s back was just a step too far…But more importantly they have to decide whether Hazel Blears can ever be elected again in Salford, in light of the expenses scandal. Is she now a liability, given that every single poll in Salford shows thousands and thousands of people turning against her?

So to help the 44 make up their minds, the Hazel Must Go! Campaign has called a demonstration outside the Salford Civic Centre in Swinton for 6pm. It’s not aligned to any political party and everyone and anyone in Salford is urged to attend – bring your own placards and banners, the national press will be there.

Plus, anyone can send an e-mail and support the Hazel Must Go! Campaign

Let's hope that the local party can pull this off and get rid of that poisonous, thieving little ginger minger for good!

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Anonymous said...

That is good news. I hope they succeed too. I'm sure it'll be on the news. Good!!

Anonymous said...

Some spaz homo commie on Radio 4 last week was blaming her personally for the election of two BNP twats. Good, let them tear each other to shreds.

I quite enjoyed Hazels mincing mea culpa for her actions ( STAB Gordon IN THE BACK or rather IN THE BUM coz she's a fucking dwarf ) and hope for some more.

Enjoy Labour Troubles and the lamentations of their women.

Old Bag said...

i for one, would happily put a bullet through the head of that fucking troughing rancid rodent..get rid of the cunt! less thieving cock knocker to deal with!

Houdini said...

The worst thing about this is that the fucking northern monkey cunt chave scum fucking dole scrounging fuckers don't give fucking fucks about the UK or the people of this country, but they do about the dick cheese cunting fucking Labour cunting party.

I fucking hate Labour supporters.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe it the mentally retarded bastards have decided to keep her!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable isn't it.
Why the fuck would they vote to keep the useless bitch? What the fuck's going on?

I guess we'll all have to try a bit harder then, to make sure she loses her seat at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the last picture of her on my blog, she'd need to be elected to at least three seats to accommodate her doughnut enhanced figure. So no chance she'll be back.

wv : fleshiam

Anonymous said...

you must remember the members will be thieves in the labour client state with zero morals.

so of course they will keep her,rats in a sack.