Saturday, 27 June 2009

Labour Sinks Lower and Lower.

We are so, so Fucked...........

Our contracting economy means that we are ever less able to afford state spending on such a monumental scale.The condition of the public finances is not merely precarious, it is dire – as the Governor of the Bank of England has tried to tell the Prime Minister. El Twato's response has been to stick his head in the sand and insist that there is no need to cut public expenditure.

The Brown Gorgon has repeatedly attempted to frame the election as a choice between "Tory cuts" and "Labour investment". The Tories counter that spending restraint is inevitable because of Labour's borrowing.

That argument was kicked into touch this week by the Bank of England governor, who warned that whoever wins the next election, they will have no choice but to cut spending and raise taxes in order to reduce the unforgivable deficit Labour has run up.

Housing benefit is just one example of Labour's failure to control welfare spending. The total handed out in benefits is predicted to grow to £165 billion this year, which is more than the Government raises in income tax.

Just fuck off Brown, please, I'm begging you and so are millions of others. Just Sodding GO.


Goodnight Vienna said...

There isn't one shred of decency left in this sanctimonious sod - it's all planned.

Anonymous said...

These kind of examples of Gordon's apparent total ineptitude just give me a total head fuck. FFS if we can see there's more money going out than coming in, then why the fuck can't he?

GV is right. He is deliberately planning something and whatever it is we're not going to like it.

Pass me the lube, let's get started!

Lawson Narse said...

He's scaring the crap out of me. Even the OAPs round here are discussing revolution. Most of those guys are dyed in the wool Old Labour but they hate this lot with an absolute passion. Guess who they reckon to be voting for if we are allowed an election?

Fausty said...

This depression came about as a direct result of Labour policies. And my depression will lift as soon as Labour is ousted.

Damn! Let's have a street party to celebrate their day of departure!

Gigits said...

When a life on the 'dole' is seen as an acceptable lifestyle choice, nothing will change.

This country is screeewwwweeed!!

Old Bag said...

indeed, GOT...i fear we will be taking it up the wrong 'un for many long months..should we all be buying shares in KY jelly?

Nothing happens by accident said...

Were we saved by a slip up, and given they've tried it once, what exactly is in the New Vaccines.

Criminal charges.

They shipped Vaccines to 14 European Countries contaminated with TWO Strains of Live Flu Virus, one Deadly, but not easy to catch, the other easy to catch but relatively harmelss.

This is how you deliberately create hybrids.

This slip up happened with Baxter Pharmaceuticals, see if you can guess hwo the NHS have contracted to supply us with the Vaccine.