Tuesday, 23 June 2009

New YouTube Logos

YouTube don't have their own thought police scouring their channels, it's solely down to a New Labour quango that runs around "flagging" anything that they don't like.

Well feast your eyes on this lot then, you freedom fucking "flagging" fucktards!

Oh, and don't worry Gordon, this isn't all of them.

Plenty more where this came from.


Incidentally, Gordon, the "flagging" fuckwits that banned  my video might be interested to know that it is now back up on YouTube again. Now the question is, can your queer arsed cock sucking quango cunts find it and ban it again before it's found it's way even further around the internet than it already is?

Oh, don't you just love the power of the blogosphere Gordon?

Jog on, you freedom fucking YouTube cunt!


Shibby said...

I must say those are unexpectedly brilliant - especially the first one.

I'm going to nick it but I'll link to you.

Shibby said...

Might I add - without meaning implication or anything, just as a note of interest - Youtube is owned by Google, the same company that owns Blogger.

Hopefully they won't start taking blogs down too!

subrosa said...

Excellent GOT. Can I pinch one for later? Please?

Lawson Narse said...

Brilliant. You have mail.

Barking Spider said...

Great stuff GOT - keep kicking the cunts in the bollocks.

GrumpyOldTwat said...

Be my guest, take what you need and spread the word.

Thanks for your support!

VotR said...

It's pointless taking the vid down. It will only be a short time before it is posted there again.

Shove that up your YouTube if you want to, Gordon.

"It's political correctness gone mad."

CryBaby said...

You genius GOT, nicked!

Old Bag said...

fucking brilliant work, GOT deary!..im gonna trough one of your pics (all in keeping with the youcuntingtube nulabore nazis). you may be intrested to know im am uber pissed off with youfuckingtube anyway and this has further pissed me off..im gonna blog about this!..FUCK YOUTUBE the CUNTS!

Screech said...

excellent work, done one myself over at mine. Ye gods, i think my labour bashing bug might be back

Global McStalin said...

It'll be the contaminated Vaccine for you Lot.

Criminal charges Brought against the WHO, UN and Baxter Pharmaceuticals.

Baxter Pharmaceuticals are the same guys supplying the NHS for the expected Winter rise in Swine flu and I note Ireland has just said it has the powers necessary to ENFORCE Vaccinations, at gunpoint if needed.