Thursday, 18 June 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Kitty Ussher.

Done nothing wrong, more time with the family,
blah fucking blah dee bollocksy blah.

Well Kitty, pardon me for being a fucking nit picker but how the fuck does this quote of yours,
"As you know I also decided some time ago, completely for family reasons, that I would not be putting my name forward to contest the next general election. The hours of Parliament simply don't work with kids. There is no other reason for this decision."
stack up against the fact that you accepted the post of Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury just 12 days ago.

Mmmm, something doesn't quite add up there does it, a bit like your tax returns, you thieving little bitch.


Anonymous said...

Another one gone, but still getting paid. Nail on the head with that pic GOT

Anonymous said...

When all that lot eventually shuffle off their mortal coil I hope the undertakers have their screwdrivers ready, cos they're so crooked that's the only way they'll ever get 'em to stay in the ground.

Anonymous said...

NIce one Anon!