Monday, 29 June 2009

Brown's Master.

Taking the wind out Brown's sails.

Lord Mandelson may have — ever so slightly — jumped the gun when he all but ruled out a comprehensive spending review this side of a general election.

Oh, deary, deary me. Mandy doesn't seem to be wielding the correct type of sword Gordon.
I mean, you wouldn't want to wrap your tongue around that would you?


CryBaby said...

He's definately Lord of the Ringpiece.

Gigits said...

"Lord of the Chocolate Starfish" ROFL!

wv: staba (should've been shitstaba)

G.O.T. said...

Another excellent offering Lawson.

Yes Gigits, that's fucking hilarious plus "Keeper of Gordon's Ring". Brilliant!

banned said...

Desktop !

Lawson Narse said...

Thanks all!

I do think we should take a moment to thank Mandy and Gordon for all the effort they put into providing such great material to work with.

Cheers M&G, you are true comic geniuses!