Monday, 1 June 2009

Darling, You're A Cunt

The Chancer of the Exchequer is nothing but a thieving cunt. He's creamed thousands off the hard working taxpayer whilst 'flipping' his fucking houses like a demented coin tosser.

But, oh, hang on everything is just fucking dandy. The cash trousering cunt bubble has decided to pay back £700.

£700? Is that all?

700 fucking measly pounds.

Fuck off you arsewipe!

Personally I wouldn't be happy if you paid back millions.
You have stolen from us.
You are untrustworthy.
You have no morals.
You are a crook.

You are a thieving cunt.

We don't want our money back from you, we'd rather see you swing by your bollocks from the nearest tree whilst we piss in your face and you choke on our shit.

That, you cunt, is all!


Paul said...

I'll not be wasting precious water on that nob whatever form it is in.

Oh and sort those bloody eyebrows out.

Fidothedog said...

His days are numbered his boss has been talking about him in the past tense.

Now Gordon can blame the previous chancellor without that being him.

Anonymous said...

I'm having visions of pinning his ears to the wall and plucking out his teeth one by one.

Gigits said...

He should resign now. He won't though, and his bum chum Gordon Cyclops won't sack him.

The bastards!

Tory Poppins said...


Let me get this right:

. . swing by his bollocks from the nearest tree whilst we piss in his face and he chokes on our shit. . .?


Just imagining us all standing around pissing on his face - might be a problem for us girls!! I'm sure we could make up for it with number 2's however! ;-)

Love it!

Old Bag said...

well there are these gadgets you can get, TP, that a lady places over her nether regions and the resulting piss shoots out like it would a man! off to get one!..i dont wanna miss out on pissing on that badger arsed cunt (who gordoom thinks is doing a great job..but then he would, wouldnt he?)..string 'em all up i say!

Anonymous said...

I think the girls have it on this one!

I pissed myself like a man pissing after reading those comments from TP and OB.

Fucking hilarious!

Lawson Narse said...

There is potential for ticket sales here GOT. "Watch The Laydees Pissing On Gordo" while he struggles to escape from the tie wraps. Britain Has Talent Gladiator Stylee.

All Seeing Eye said...

Nice one Lawson but TheEye doesn't want him dead. In fact to live to a ripe old a max security prison where for the rest of his life that twat fucking wets his own pants when he knows it is time for a shower.

Anonymous said...

And Ed Balls is going to replace him?

He's squeaky clean, is he?