Thursday, 25 June 2009

More YouTube Fun!

Time for a bit more 'Labour runs YouTube' fuckwittery . . . . 

This brilliant piece of work was sent to me by the
very talented Lawson Narse who suggests that Gordon Brown (get outta town) and YouTube may well be needing this by the time the blogosphere have finished fucking with them!

Can't fault you there my friend and I fancy that the unelected ring reamer may well be needing it sooner rather than later, once he realises that someone has hacked into his YouTube channel and posted THAT banned video on it!

Screech also has an excellent alternative YouTube logo over at his place and the ever demur(?) Old Bag has written one of her classic 'no holds barred' rants about the Labour bias censorship of YouTube.

Great work and keep at it!
We can't let those freedom fucking fucktards get the better of us!

Also, please check out Gordon Brown calling himself a
YouTube cunt on Youtube, it's now had the cassetteboy seal of approval 'doncha know' !

He has left a comment there to prove it!

It's important to get as many people as you can to rate it, favourite it and comment on it. More of this kind of activity = higher YouTube rankings = more chance of it upsetting Gordon Brown and his freedom fucking fucktards.

Go for it!

Other previous YouTube fuckwittery can be found here.


Shibby said...

Not letting it go, are you!

Can't get enough of the Brown video.

CryBaby said...

I've just watched a round of your you tube classics and I applaud your work. I'm now a fan and subscriber. The Gordon Brown Cunt video definately cheered me up, had to watch it 3 times! Love ya!!

Gigits said...

"You Lube" - that is fucking funny!

wv: mingies (!!)

TheBigYin said...

I took the liberty G.O.T. of nicking that song and putting a smoking ban slant on it and I thought I'd try YouLabourScumTube and wait to see if it's pulled. My video making skills are not as not up to your standard though. I've put your name and blog on the end titles, hope you don't mind.

Can't get the bloody song out of my head lol.

I've also d/loaded your vid and, with your permission I'd like to put it on


GrumpyOldTwat said...

Thanks TBY
No worries, use what you like.
Send me a link to the Blip TV thing and I'll look into maybe opening an account.

TheBigYin said...

It's now uploaded.

TheBigYin said...

Forget that last link, had to change the heading which changed the URL to this:

Old Bag said...

ahhh the ever excellent lawsons' pic is going on my page!..the world needs to know what a bunch of wankers yooboob are with theyre heads so far up gorgons arse..fuck 'em! far as im concerned, youtube can go fly a fucking kite for my custom again..and i appeal to everyone else here to make a stand and boycott yoofuckingtoob too!! it now!