Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gordon Brown ++++ EXCLUSIVE ++++

This exclusive photo of the Prime Minister was allegedly taken in the servant quarters kitchen at Chequers, only hours before he was due to commence the all important, recent Cabinet re-shuffle.

Mario, 17, a disgruntled young man servant who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said "I've had enough of being fucked around by that cock sucking crackhead, I'm not standing for it anymore."

Apparently Gordon had promised Mario the World, if he were to carry out a couple of personal favours for him, but to date all Mario has received from Gordon is a bottle of minty fresh mouthwash and a preview of his latest YouTube gurn.

"That's when I thought I'd get my revenge, by taking a photo of the lying, twitchy faced, crackhead" said Mario "and then give it to someone I trust, someone who'd know exactly what to do with it."

"Well done, I know exactly what to do with that" said Peter "Now run along and hide in my wardrobe until I tell you it's safe to come out." 

Hat tip to Lorenzo for the excellent image


Gigits said...

That explains it all very nicely indeed!

Gordon, you junkie waste of space, why don't you just fuck off to your crackhole and leave us decent people alone!

Screech said...

Gordon you waste of skin and oxygen.... why don't you just fuck the fuck off to any fucking crack hole and leave those of us that inhabit the real world to run the country with true compassion and in (relatively* greed free) peace you CUNT.

* I say relatively because i am under No illusion that any society will ever be free of its' troughers

Barking Spider said...

So that explains why he's running round like a blue-arsed fly all the time and always looking for money wherever he can get it while hurling office machinery and Nokias when he's strung out and desperately craving another fix.

Take a fucking overdose and die you cunt!

Old Bag said...

what can i say that hasnt already been said?..ahhh what the fuck!...FUCK THE FUCK OFF GORDOOM YOU USELESS, PISS SNIFFING WASTE OF CUNTING OXYGEN, YOU UTTER UTTER CUNT!

Anonymous said...

Gordo, you soft twat... inject into a vein and do us all a favour and contract HIV.

Hopefully within 5 to 10 years you will develop full blown AIDS, you globalist scum.

Have a nice day dickhead!

DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't wish HIV/AIDS on anyone... but globalists/Bilderburgers/and especially Gordon Brown are an exception.

Anonymous said...