Monday, 13 September 2010

Police Farce Of The Day

On 27th August, this year, West Mercia Police announced 287 job losses (198 civilian posts and 98 officer roles) in an effort to save £10 million from their budget.

Today, 17 days later, West Mercia Police announced the go ahead of a new gatehouse and driveway for their Hindlip Headquaters, at a cost of £3 million pounds, in an effort to "raise more money" in the long term.

Excuse me but how the fucking fucketty fuck does all that work then?

Surely their priority is to 'police' the West Mercia region .... with police officers ..... not fucking driveways and gatehouses! Whatever the fuck next? More police officer job losses in favour of a big  conservatory, out back?

And another thing ... I see Mark 'the maniac' Andrews is still walking the streets after being jailed for attacking a member of the public. Yep, he's been released on bail, pending his appeal. Obviously not considered a danger to the public then.

Give me fucking strength!

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MTG said...

We now recognise the distinct hallmark of diversity in major police decisions and this appears to be a reasonably wide departure from commonsense. 

Captain Haddock said...

Un-fucking-believable .. to both stories ...

Where will the madness end ??

Bring On The Revolution said...

I just despair at the utter uselessness and cuntishness of the Old Bill Gotty, why the fuck can they not do something so fucking simple as to do the fucking job that we fucking pay them to fucking do and that's fucking catching fucking criminal scum instead of persecuting the motorist just for going ever so slightly over the speed limit and attending those utterly fucking ridiculous leftie namby pamby "must not offend the fucking Muslim/Gypsy, pikey scum traveller/gay, lesbian and trans-fucking-gender, diversity fucking awareness courses"
Cunts the fucking lot of 'em!
Oh how I love a good rant GOT!!!!

Catosays said...

Whether you like it or not, Andrews is entitled to appeal. He is also entitled to bail. Much the same as any other convicted criminal.

And, I'll say it again, he can not be sacked until the full disciplinary process has been gone through...much like any other person in this country.

Joe Public said...

"West Mercia Police announced the go ahead of a .... driveway for their Hindlip Headquaters, at a cost of £3 million pounds, "

It's a bargain! A bunch of local travellers told them they have some spare tarmac 'left over from a Motoway contract'.

Oldrightie said...

Labours' legacy will live on a very long time.

banned said...

But are all such appeals held "behind closed doors"?

Angry Exile said...

Actually I have much more of a problem with Andrews being tried by magistrates and therefore only being liable for 6 months in the first place. Being bailed during the appeal process :shrugs: no biggie. Plenty of other people with an otherwise unblemished record (yes, I know there was other stuff but as far as the court's concerned it never happened if it's not brought up) could have got bail as well, and the point is not to give him special treatment for being a cop... soon to be ex-cop, one hopes. Treating the bastard more harshly risks setting precedents that will be used on the public next time. Also I can imagine being singled out being used as grounds for an appeal, so the bigger the prick the more important it's done by the book. And then when the fucker hears the cell door slam shut he'll know he's run out of options.

Anonymous said...

perhaps they will want a shruberry next?

as for pc wifebeater-what is there to appeal against??
the evidence is clear for all to see....give him 2 years instead!

Captain Peacock said...

I think <span>Mark the maniac Andrews</span>  will soon be back on the job, anyone like to have a little flutter?
If they can allow gun totting maniacs cops kill innocent people and give them promotion what do you expect.

Angry Exile said...

Length of the sentence I expect. They gave him the maximum sentence possible and there's simply nothing to lose by appealing. I agree with you about 2 years being more like it but magistrates can't give more than six months and that's probably not something we should want changed unless we like the idea people of going away for longer periods without even a jury convicting them.