Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sack Kevan Jones

The All Seeing Eye has an excellent post on the latest piece of scum to crawl out from under the New Labour stone of smear.

Kevan Jones' attempt to smear General Sir Richard Dannatt on the grounds of 'expenses abuse' is both pathetic and hypocritical.

FOI requests show that General Dannatt claimed a total of £19,291 in expenses between April 1, 2005, and March 31 this year. However, during a similar period Bob 'The Knob' Ainsworth claimed £394,306 in Commons expenses and Kevan 'Lickspittle' Jones claimed a total of £454,324.

How a hypocritical, sniveling little shit of an arsewipe like Jones (who has never had a proper job) can dare to smear the exemplary, hardworking, 40 year career of Dannatt almost leaves me fucking speechless.

Kevan Jones is an utter fucking disgrace.
Sack the cunt.


subrosa said...

Don't forget that drunken fool George Foulkes GO.T. You know the one who lies in gutters and assaults old ladies. With his false Scots accent (born in England and didn't come to Scotland until he was 18).

Costello said...

There even seems to be a concerted effort to keep any reference to this scandal, and his prominent place in it, from appearing on his wikipedia article.

See here:


Unknown said...

What a Foulker he is too Subrosa. As for that cunt Jones, sacking is too good for him, lynching would be better.

Houdini said...

What I want to know is how they are getting the fuck away with it? They are the fag end of a corrupt and discredited and corrupt Government of nobodies who will not be back in power this time next year, yet, they seem to have a stranglehold on the media.

Maybe it's me, but how the fuck are they doing it? Are there still massive back anders to be gained yet? Are there just too many skeletons in the cupboards?

The likes of Jones and Mandelson, and Brown and the rest, should be publicly eviscerated in the media front page every day, and it should be resigning scandals every day, yet hardly a fucking peep.

What the fuck is going on?

whydoweneedthesesuelessfuckers said...

The whole lot of them are cunts. They should be congregated in one place and burned alive. Uselss society wrecking self serving fuckers.

The End (Bye Bye!) said...

Houdini: You are right - what the fuck is going on in the MSM? Why is Brown being allowed to skulk off to wherever and only reappear to emit a vacuous soundbite about whatever is making the news that day?

It is very strange indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the fucking revolution and get rid of the fucking lot of these thieving, self righteous, hubristic fucking Labour leftie lesbian communist cunts. I'm fucking sick to death of the fucking sight of the fucking lot of them Brown, Mandelson, Ainsworth, Darling Harman and the rest of you, just fuck the fucking fuck of we can't stand the fucking sight of you any more!

Barking Spider said...

Here is another good article:

What a glorious backfire - Foulkes, the toady twat, still hasn't learned that his mouth is at its best when it's shut and as for Jones - I'm sure by now he's checking his bum for bitemarks, the cunt!