Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Microsoft Cut & Paste Racism

Now you see him . . .

and now you don't!

The original photo featured three business people – one white, one black and one Asian – smiling as they attended a meeting. It was published on Microsoft's main US site, to advertise the company's business productivity software.

But in the version doctored to appeal to Polish customers the black man's face was replaced with that of a white man – although the original model's hand remained clearly visible.

Oops a fucking daisy!


Sue said...

That is disgusting. I'm appalled! What does that say about the Polish? What does that say about MS? Fuck!

Dark Lochnagar said...

But there isn't any black men in Poland. They didn't have an empire.

Lose The Nigger said...

Apparently there are an equally small number of Asians living in Poland too. So why only change the black man?