Tuesday, 18 August 2009

British Taxpayer Funding The Taliban

I have just read this over at Old Righties place.

I am absolutely fucking furious.
You couldn't fucking make it up!

The British Taxpayer is funding lucrative reconstruction projects to improve the infrastructure of Afghanistan. The 'shadowy' private companies that are awarded the contracts then have to negotiate with the local Taliban who insist on 'a cut' for not blowing up the building site and/or it's workers.

Are you with me?

The Taliban then take their protection racket cash which can be between 20%-40% of the total budget for the project and head off to the nearest arms supply dealer.

Therefore, British taxpayer's cash is being used by the Taliban to purchase IEDs so that they can kill and maim British Soldiers . . . .

How fucking angry does that make you?

More info at Reuters and Heresy Corner


Oldrightie said...

Great post and thank's for the tip G.O.T. We need the families and others badly damaged by this nonsense to lobby, blog and cause as much uproar as possible. Let's start looking for The Government Ministers on the boards of these companies for a start. John Reid, Jimmy Snot's relatives and so on.

Reece Hewitt said...

Unbelievable! Parliament does indeed need blowing up

Unknown said...

Outrageous,and with our boys dying for a Country thats mired in corruption. This unelected scottish moron and his band greedy whores are robbing the taxpayer blind, at the same time allowing our forces to be attacked by IEDs payed for by us. This is sick, kick these bastards out NOW!

Clarinda said...

Much of the original information that Reuters and others use is published on www.globalresearch.ca.
You can subscribe to its daily newletter which prints the latest titles of the submitted articles. It is a huge resource that has no bias.
Globalresearch has been publishing articles about Afghanistan exploitation and profiteering for months and the underlying rationale behind this and previous wars in the region for years - yet our MSM will not investigate or report on this in any useful manner.
Another remarkable resource is Professor Rory Stewart who knows through his experience of working in Iraq and Afghanistan the underpinning corruption and double-dealing that is endemic. He writes in a robust manner about the crass stupidity of proclaiming "a moral obligation to achieve that which is unachievable".

subrosa said...

Great stuff G.O.T. Have just posted something myself.

We need this to go throughout the blogosphere and beyond.

Harry Blog said...

Anyone who has served/worked out there will tell you that is how the system works nothing but nothing gets done, with out back-handers its a way of life.And these pathetic shits Brown/Aint-worth a light think they can alter a system thats been a way of life for thousands of years, WANKERS

Anonymous said...

Good job nobody listens or cares about the useless cunts anymore. Can we start on the fucking lawyers next. They are a bunch of self serving people-fucking cunts as well.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Why the fuck are we suprised. That P.M. of theirs Khazan(?) is a corrupt bastard of the first degree. Did you see that adaptation of the Iraq war about a month ago with James Nesbitt as lead actor. Fucking unbelievable.

Barking Spider said...

I saw this over at Old Rightie's and I've posted on it as well.

Now I've had a look at your version - I went for the treason angle too and was so fucking annoyed I also said you couldn't make it up, (with a few colourful embellishments) - wasn't cribbing.....honest!

Anonymous said...

Can I add One Final Ignominy to this outrage, and then I'll begin.....

I've lost the ability to make any sense of this anymore. The one eyed coward sends out OUR brave troops to and Islamic toilet Nation to fight for something New Labour utterly despise...I.E. Freedom....
He employs the Countries biggest moron (other than himself) to run the show, at the same time as skimping on decent equipment, thus demoralising the troops who haven't got a clue who they're fighting for in the first place, as New Labour condemn the very concept of violence itself.

He then happily gives the British public's taxes to Kabul, knowing fine well that a percentage of that money will go to arm the Taliban, who will then kill the very troops that he under funds himself.

And now on arrival home our own dead soldiers are being mocked and derided by Islamic filth, pouring scorn on their very memories with utter contempt.

Finally, if British people themselves protest, they're met with a hail of obscenities by the Fascist Far Left, who are once again adequately funded, by the good old British tax payer, via New Labour scum.

This is beyond madness, Gordon Brown is an absolute disaster, not waiting to happen, but happening right now!

Enough already!

Anonymous said...

"Unbelievable! Parliament does indeed need blowing up."

That isn't all mate.

As for the pakis, they're asking for it. They are ignorant. They aint realised that when it starts they'll have nowhere ter go. They just don't know what we're like when we get started.

Anonymous said...

Put Brown and the rest of his fucking leftie Labour wankers on trial for treason and hang them high!!