Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Baby P Mother, the Media and the Internet

"Anyone with an internet connection could have circumvented the order issued by those who oversaw the trial of Tracey Connelly and her boyfriend, Stephen Barker. Simply typing “Baby P Mother” into Google yesterday disclosed Connelly’s name and picture in a matter of seconds.

Newspapers and the established media have stuck by the rules for months to avoid being in contempt of court. The internet, however, is uncontrollable."

I'll hold my hands up.

Tracey Connolly, Stephen Barker and Jason Barker (or Jason Owen, as he now prefers to be known) were the mindless, murdering bastards of that poor defenseless Baby P, Peter Connolly.

I was so utterly appalled that I felt compelled to name all the lowlife scum involved and display all their pictures in a post I did here, 3 months ago, on Friday 22nd May 2009.

Followed by more naming and shaming of the murdering bastards and the details of their lenient sentencing on Tuesday 16th June 2009.

Does that make ME a bad person?

Well tough fucking shit if it does!

And let us not forget Sharon Shoesmith, the heartless, unremorseful bitch who did nothing to prevent the murder of Peter Connelly.

Hang the fucking lot of them; Tracey Connelly, Stephen Barker, Jason Barker and Sharon Shoesmith. Maybe then, and only then, Peter Connelly will rest in peace.

That is all.


All Seeing Eye said...

The names did the rounds pretty sharpish on the blogs I read, as did their mugshots and quite right too. They are a walking, pissing, drooling advert for the death penalty.

Putting them on ...isacunt is too good for them.

concerned said...

In full agreement, except recommend piano wire and no drop ... much slower & far more painful than a rope.

winston smith said...

i am so angry about this i may self combust

Joe Public said...

What a load of hypocritical bollox by the MSM & even the BBC today, about witholding the murderers names til the embargo expired..

"News - London - Mother on toddler murder charge . Last updated: 17 Aug 2007

Tracey Connolly, 25, and Stephen Barker, 31, from north London, are accused of murder and allowing or causing the death of a child under 16.



The End (Bye Bye!) said...

I just commented at ISACUNT: According to Sky News, Tracey Connelly can't wait to get out of prison in a few months. She'll get her anonymity with a new, tax payer funded, ID. Sky say she'll get a personal trainer, who will help to get all the fat off her (to change her appearance).

She wants to go on a nice cruise around the Med, prison has been so stressful for her...

It annoys me that, even if we had the Death Penalty, it wouldn't apply in this case!

British Justice - a pile of worthless shit.

Leonard of Quirm said...

I agree with gigits, British justice is now a forgotten fairy tale. If these people are ever caught up with, they are fucking wax.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hope someone knifes the cunts in jail. They are scum.

banned said...

Their names appeared in full on the Court Listings website from their initial magistrates trial ( Wandsworth ? ) and they were still there months later.