Saturday, 30 May 2009

Jack Visits Jade

According to the Daily Mail, that nice boy Jack Tweed has been to visit lovely Jade's grave on the day that he was released from prison.
Aaah, isn't that sweet.

Old Bag isn't happy!


Old Bag said...

BWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!! damn, thats fucking awesome!..i knew i could rely on you to realise the true nature of that fucking weaselly fucker!..brilliant on so many levels, innit!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to boycott the Daily Mail until they come their senses. The boy is an uneducated, annoying little arsehole. The country is going to shit and we need information about the draconian evil that is the EU and they feed us with this crap?

I'm not happy about it either.

lol - word verification is trator!

Gigits said...

I bet that was exactly what that bastard was thinking as well.


Anonymous said...

He's made it onto the Headlines at Sky News. But what is so good is that they are getting slated in the comments for doing it. Tee hee hee

Old Bag said...

agreed, crybaby.though i suspect magazine/paper deals, tv appearences and possibly a shitty "singing" career beckons for jackdachav, innit..amazing what having a missus whos a stiff and a cunt like clifford pimping on your behalf. cunts, one and all.