Sunday, 24 May 2009

Coming Soon . . .

Anyone remember

Well, I haven't quite finished working on my latest spoof website yet
but in the meantime I thought you'd like to take a look at the logo . . . . 


lofa on the sofa said...

off topic I know, but a thought has just occurred.

How about lining all the corrupt MPs up on top of the white cliffs.

Then, the national lottery could be slightly altered for one week only.

6 numbers and you get to push Broon, Dave or the speaker off.

5 numbers, a member of the cabinet or shadow cabinet.

4 numbers, senior backbenchers.

3 numbers, worthless lobby fodder.

I'd buy a ticket or two.

Screech said...

excellent mate looking forward to the full thing, been pretty quiet myself here as been busy with the family but i have a new short video brewing.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing that Screech!

Lofa, sounds a damn sight more entertaining than the usual pile of shit! Incidentally where would the money from the sale of the tickets go?

Old Bag said...

i look forward to your new opus, GOT!..where can i buy these lottery tickets?..ill rip off the bottom of my sofa and dig out some £1 coins!..i got a jackbooted cunt to shove off a cliff!