Thursday, 29 October 2009

Imitation Police. Genuine Cunts.

Yet more proof that PCSOs are a pointless waste of money

Figures recently released under the Freedom of Information Act have shown that over the last 12 months there were 60 PCSOs, working in the South Worcestershire division of West Mercia Police, which cost the tax payer over £1 million.

So, how many fines did they issue?


Not one single fucking ticket has been issued by any of those 60 plastic cops in the last twelve months. Not one single fixed penalty notice for offences such as dog fouling, littering, cycling on a footpath, traffic violations, graffiti, fly posting, drugs & alcohol offences, throwing fireworks, shoplifting or being drunk and disorderly.

Fuck me!
South Worcestershire must be fucking crime free nirvana.
Let's all move there!

Or is it that your common or garden PCSO is just a useless, lazy,
does fuck all for 15 grand a year, plastic fucking pig?

'ello, 'ello, ello, nothing to see here
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banned said...
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banned said...
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Joe Public said...

So G O T, let me see if I understand your point of view:-

Cops cost £x, so therefore should generate revenue of £x + £y.

Do you really want our 'normal' (as opposed to Traffic) cops to have income targets?

A simple "Yes" or "No" will suffice.

[PCSOs might not have the same powers as 'proper' cops, but at least they're a visible presence on our streets; when otherwise there'd be no-one.]

Anonymous said...


Normal cops?
Where the fuck did I mention those in my post about PCSOs being a waste of money?

Captain Haddock said...

To go right back to the original concept .. Blunkett & ACPO simply promised to "increase the uniformed presence on the streets" .. they were very careful not to elaborate on precisely what kind of "Uniform" presence ..

For all the use PCSO's are .. they might as well have employed Bus Conductors ..

For starters, they're poorly trained .. have limited powers (thank God) and finish working at 2200 each day ..

They are nothing more or less than Policing on the cheap & the sooner they're disbanded & the money spent on recruiting (and retaining) sworn Constables the better ..

Anonymous said...

All smoke and mirrors: that is the new way of things. Reality is a concept that is past its sell-by date. Everything now is a matter of opinion, or a fashion style. We live in a world of illusions.

Barking Spider said...

I suppose it would be too much to hope for that next year Cameron gives these useless fuckers the boot and recruits some real police!

Gigits said...

They get paid???

I really thought they did it voluntarily... I'm fucking stunned!

Captain Haddock said...

You might have been thinking of the Special Constabulary .. or "Hobby-Bobbies" Gigs ..

They're unpaid volunteers (apart from out-of-pocket expenses) and another bunch of useless wankers who're never there when there's any real Policework needs doing ..

My Brother is a Copper in a Northern Force .. you ought to hear him go on about these twats .. Lol ..

Old Holborn said...

Er...what happened above?

This is my first post

Anonymous said...

Dunno OH

I'm sure 'Banned' will enlighten us at some point ;-)

Anonymous said...

not sure about anyone else, but I find this post hilarious!

Anonymous said...

The real reason for PCSo's is to increase the various percentages quota-wise, as laid down by His Judgeness Lord Macpherson following the lawrence Enquiry, of groups designated by gender, sexuality, race, creed and disability into the UK police service. The nonsense about public reassurance through greater visbility is crap The fat arsed, usually pretty thick and lucky to speak English let alone be employable in a proper job fuckwits earn a minimim of 21K plus various allownaces to wander around in three's or more in Central London. Then there's this bunch: - read and weep.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about read and weep, ranter but I read and promptly banged my head up the fucking wall, shouting "what the fucking fuck" in total disbelief!

Corrugated Soundbite said...

I saw some in St James's Park recently. From what I recall, their job is to put up the tape around a "crime scene" so proper plod can whip the notepads out and do what is left of proper policing.

Besides that, they do a lot of gassing about their holidays.

banned said...

Above posts 1 & 2 wuz by me guv, like me old Nan said " never go on t'internet when you is pissed ".

Think the point I was trying to make is that if those PCSOs had issued lots of tickest and made loads of arrests we would have been moaning; from what I see their main role is to engage and interact with mainstream society because I never see them in conversaton with Johny Scrote or his Mam.
" Oh please, just don't shout ".

banned said...

Ranter, thank you for your link, while most of that page might cause one to read and weep you have to admit that the brolly graphic featuring Intersex People and, wait for it, Polygender People was good for a laugh.
Next time I get arrested I'll claim to be a Polygender Person and demand to be interviewed by same.

Gigits said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Captain Haddock.

So, there is a hierarchy of uselessness in the police: Specials (unpaid) > PCSOs (poor pay) > Real Plod.

banned said...

Gigits then you have factor in privately paid but Police empowered Security Guards and even Nightclub Bouncers.

Captain Haddock said...

Hi Gigs ..

Yep, what you & I would call a hierarchy .. those responsible for this situation prefer to call the "extended Police family" ..

Believe it or not, but according to my younger Brother, the average Copper is so disillusioned & pissed off with the antics and political ambitions of "Senior Management" that most of them do what they have to do to survive and look forward to the day they can retire ..

He tells me that anyone showing a modicum of common sense or a desire to catch criminals is regarded as being "dangerous" and anyone caught in possession of a sense of humour is severely dealt with ..

Shades Of Ansel said...

They make good target practice for the kids on the estate,and kids can learn to be even more creative with verbal abuse.Apart from that,they're fucking USELESS.

Gigits said...

Cap'n Haddock: "Extended police family" LOL! It's a pretty fucking dysfunctional family!

Banned: Bouncers with police powers - now that is a scary thought.

fUcKed said...

Talking about these people...Have any of you seen this one?