Saturday, 20 December 2008

Dear Santa I Want Chavopoly Innit

Ideal game for those aggressive, benefit scrounging, fucking foul mouthed, bunch of petty criminals that infest our streets like dog shit.
Only problem is that most of those brain dead fuckwits can't even read.


banned said...

I have printed out a full size version of that graphic and hope to find some free hardboard to glue it onto.
" Xtra Speshall Monopoloy Burberry Edition "
I will leave it Xmas wrapped outside the door of Wayneesha and her brood, it just might keep them amused for an hour or so before they are out pillaging again.

Iconic player miniatures will include.
Ford XR3i.
Primark bag.
Stella 4 pack
Plastic wrist restraints
Bowie knife.
Weighing scales

To increase verisimilitude I will include my large collection of counterfeight Confederacy banknotes that I collected from bubblegum packets in the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

Ahh now those were the days, down at the school tuck shop, Bazooka Joe for a halfpenny.

Excellent suggestions for playing pieces which also got me thinking . . . .

White Court Shoe
Pitbull Terrier
20 Mayfair
Belly Ring
Big Mac
Cheap & Heavy 9ct Gold Chain
Red Bull
Scratch Card
Playboy Baseball Cap

Anonymous said...

There is a proper version of this game coming out in the shops in mid 2010